Philology (It) 214 W 29
Bird's Eyes "last unissued, Vol.6"  [1987]

Session 29.

A1Cool Blues510600-a
A2Out Of Nowhere510600-b
A3This is Always510600-c
A4Now's The Time510600-d
A5Scrapple From The Apple510600-e
A6Interview (Stearns & Maher)500501-a
B1The Way You Look Tonight471111B-w
B2Night In Tunisia471111B-x
B3Groovin' High480900-a
B4I Can't Get Started480926-nSession 29
B5Diggin' Diz471100-e
B6b52nd Street Theme500214-h
B6c52nd Street Theme500214-i
B7I Can't Get Started500214-l
B8Interview (Feather)51030600-a